Monday, March 16, 2009

Artfire Fires Back

I heard back via Artfire and they justified their actions by saying, "Since you hadn't posted anything, we freed up your name (which they kept for themselves to use)." I think they are just rationalizing their actions but I would suggest that if any of you do have an Artfire store you list at least 1 item or make a biography or something. I think since they really wanted the name they would have taken it anyway. But I made it ever so easy for them since I hadn't added listings yet. I was going to have a grand opening and list 10 things at once and I haven't finished them all yet. They saw my store sitting empty and snaked it out from under me. Not sure I will stay with Artfire after this. If I can't trust them with an issue of integrity not involving money, how can I trust them with money?

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